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About Skywriting



Skywriting is an aviation technique created by vaporizing fluid in the plane's exhaust system to form letters in the sky.


Each letter is about one-mile high, and the average message is written across a 10-mile slate of sky.


On a clear day, each letter can be seen for up to 30 miles in any direction from the ground, covering over 2,800 square miles for each message written. As the wind drifts the skywritten words, even more people see them!


Typically, writing is performed between 7,000 and 14,000 feet. Air temperature drops 3.5 degrees for every 1,000 feet of altitude. On warm days, skywriting must be done at higher altitudes.


Ideal conditions are clear, blue skies.


Each word takes about 10 minutes of carefully choreographed flying that includes precisely timed turns and bursts of skywriting fluid.


An environmentally-approved,oil-based fluid that is vaporized in the 1,500-degree heat of the exhaust of the plane engine.


Suzanne Asbury-Oliver
Occupation: Pilot 
Born: 1958 
Hometown: Forest Grove, OR 

Steve Oliver
Occupation: Pilot/Mechanic
Born: 1946
Hometown: Rutledge, MO

Occupation: Official "Meeter and Greeter"
Born: ?
Discovered: May 1997 in the Salisbury, MD pound


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