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Suzanne Asbury-Oliver, a brown-eyed blonde, began flying gliders at age 14 while attending junior high school near Portland, Oregon. At 15, she soloed. By age 18, she was certified as a flight instructor. She also holds an Airline Transport Pilot rating. She has logged over 5,500 flying hours.

She is the nation's only female professional skywriter, and her aerial artistry -- painted on a canvas some 10,000 feet high -- dazzles many. Millions have met Suzanne through national media attention such as the Today Show, US Magazine, People Magazine, and front page coverage in the Wall Street Journal. It's all in a day's work to Suzanne Asbury-Oliver. "Skywriting is very much like a dance routine," says Asbury-Oliver. "I count off seconds just like a dancer would count off steps. Everything is choreographed. Timing is essential. Lose count, no matter what the distraction, and you count on failing at skywriting."

Steve Oliver is the other half of the skywriting team, a skywriter himself.  Steve Oliver met Suzanne Asbury in 1981 at the Kentucky Derby, where she was skywriting for a local Pepsi-Cola bottler and he was pulling advertising banners with his 1941 Stearman biplane. It was love at first flight! They were married in 1982 and are still on an extended honeymoon.

Steve also began his flying career as a teenager and has logged more than 13,000 flight hours in everything from helicopters to sailplanes to biplanes. He holds commercial, instructor and Airline Transport Pilot ratings, plus Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic licenses. But vintage aircraft are his first love. Dear to his heart are the vivid boyhood memories of seeing skywriters perform.

Suzanne and Steve use SkyMagic to perform their art of skywriting. SkyMagic was specifically built to perform skywriting and night shows.


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